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We are a professionally assisted OCD support group organized and moderated by two prominent mental health professionals. We meet once a month at First Church Congregational, United Church of Christ in Fairfield, CT.

Our mission is to provide an informative group forum which can provide a supportive, informal, empathetic environment for people coping with OCD.

Our group consists of individuals who are OCD sufferers. Usually, these individuals include those who are currently seeking treatment and those who have recovered from their OCD and are presently managing their symptoms. In addition, family members and friends of those who are suffering from OCD are also welcome to participate. In our meetings, we discuss specific topics, such as medication, symptoms, cognitive behavior therapy, etc. The goal of our support group is informational, not therapeutic.

Click here to read about how our group became a success story. Article

We welcome you to join us!

Dr. Christina Taylor & Dr. Diane Sholomskas Our group's co-moderators, Dr. Christina Taylor (left) and Dr. Diane Sholomskas (right) spoke about cognitive behavioral therapy for OCD at the Connecticut Psychological Association conference on October 28, 2016.

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